“Are we ready to talk to an alien? As with the language of angels in the medieval times, this exquisite reflection boosts our fantasy and advances our understanding of the nature of possible languages from a novel and exciting perspective.”
Andrea Moro, professor of linguistics, Institute for Advanced Study

“How should we talk to aliens? Using music, mathematics, or something else? Oberhaus writes with lucid and enticing prose about the many schemes proposed to communicate with our cosmic confreres. Talking to aliens might seem fanciful today, but could become relevant next week, next months, or next year.”
Seth Shostak, senior astronomer, SETI Institute

“Oberhaus delivers an engaging read, striking a good balance between ‘hard’ and ‘popular’ science. “
Andrea Ravignani, Science Magazine

Extraterrestrial Languages provides an…informative short history of astrolinguistic imagination…”
Stephanie Moran, Leonardo

“The awesome challenges of communicating across the galaxy mean that some think it not worth the effort…but pondering these obstacles raises another thought, not about aliens but what humanity has in common.”
The Economist

Extraterrestrial Languages is really for those interested in METI or SETI, or those with backgrounds in related fields curious about how it might be applied here.”
Jeff Foust, The Space Review

“Oberhaus’s book gets fascinatingly philosophical.”
Tom Chivers, The Spectator

“Es ist eine einzigartige Herausforderung, sich extraterrestrische Kommunikation ohne anthropozentrische Elemente zu denken. Dass diese Herausforderung aber zumindest tiefe und überraschende Einblicke in Philosophie, Linguistik, Logik, Biologie und unser menschliches Selbstverständnis eröffnet, demonstriert der amerikanische Wissenschafts- und Technikjournalist Daniel Oberhaus in seinem überaus lesenswerten Buch.”
Sibylle Anderl, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“I am sure I won’t be the only reader who will find themselves left with a sense of the nuance and uniqueness of human experience, represented in our attempts at interstellar communication past, present and future. “
Qamar Scott, Physics World

“A dense and wide-ranging book.”
Nick Richardson, London Review of Books