Daniel’s photography has been featured in VICE, Wired, L’Architectured’Aujourd’hui, and Contexts. He regularly contributes photos to Wikimedia Commons.

“Inside the Most Exclusive Amateur Rocketry Event in the World” (Motherboard, 2017)
“When the Internet Came to Everest” (Motherboard, 2016)
“SpaceX Just Launched a Sports Car Into Space on the Most Powerful Rocket in the World” (Motherboard, 2018)
“Jeff Bezos Just Unveiled Blue Origin’s Moon Lander” (Wired, 2019)
“Why You Can’t Legally Call Organic Weed ‘Organic'” (Motherboard, 2016)
Superstition Mountains, Arizona (2015)
Antarctica (2014)
“We Were Promised Fusion Energy” (Motherboard, 2017)