Daniel’s journalism and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, The Guardian, Wired, BBC, Popular Mechanics, Vice/Motherboard, Slate, The Baffler, Nautilus, The Awl, The Outline, Supercluster, and elsewhere.

Selected Longform

Inside SpinLaunch, the Space Industry’s Best Kept Secret
(Wired | 2020)

A Crashed Israeli Spacecraft Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon
(Wired | 2019)

The Last of the Peyoteros
(VICE Magazine | 2018)

Rise of the DIY Death Machines
(Motherboard | 2018)

We Were Promised Fusion Energy
(Motherboard | 2017)

The City of the Future is Hiding in the Arizona Desert
(Motherboard | 2017)

When the Internet Came to Everest
(Motherboard | 2016)

Inside the Loneliest Five-Star Restaurant in the World
(Munchies | 2015)

Smash the Hotels! Squat the Moon!
(Motherboard | 2015)